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It’s All in the Mind — Page 19

Author commentary

Veronica: Don’t think Lucy didn’t notice you this whole time, Mike!

I had the original plan for Lucy to say that to an angry Mike who would then realise the expression he’s making, but I figured he’d be quickly shocked by her sudden callout.

ANYWAY HERE IS A DIFFERENT KINDA CALLOUT: SOUPPY’S BIRTHDAY IS ON SATURDAY!!!! HE’S GONNA BE 31 YEARS OLD!!! HE’S AN OLD MAN!!! You should wish him a happy birthday on Saturday!! Or a happy early birthday!! And if you wanna be extra nice, you should draw him some PauloxDaisy, MikexLucy, or Madison being her typical grumpy self!!!!! I THINK HE WOULD APPRECIATE IT. Just some wishes and kind words would suffice though!!!! I love you Souppy!!!

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Comments from around the web

“But I still can’t forgive him for what he put you through. How it could’ve been worse.” Lucy recalling her experience with Alej, Lucy knowing how much that hurt and scared her, Lucy holding Augustus responsible for his past actions while trying to help him get better, Lucy showing that she DOES take what he did seriously, Lucy protecting Daisy despite the fact that she has a lot of issues with their friendship / despite Daisy blaming Lucy for getting harassed. The evidence that Lucy has thought about this a lot and that what Alej did to her is still affecting her. 
Daisy taking Lucy’s advice to heart as Lucy uses softer and kinder language. Lucy’s words ringing with “I’ve been through it too.” 
Lucy calling Mike out in a way that shows that HIS ISSUE WITH HER is […]

Tumblr: bramblepaws July 18, 2018

Man, it’s so weird reading through December again. Mike is so harsh in it, though it was definitely an explosion that had been building up for chapters. But like right after he drops the “parasite” bomb and tells Lucy Paulo doesn’t really care about her, he immediately runs downstairs all excited to tell his mom about Sandy! Like god damn boy I’d need a nap after tearing into someone that viciously!!!! And he’s surprised she wanted to leave right after that??? My bro you just eviscerated her!!!! You wouldn’t stay in a house that’s on fire would you?? 
And then he goes to the party and he’s in such a good mood and so is everyone else, like they have no idea he just committed a murder. They’re all like “yeah where is Lucy anyway” She’s dead!!!! 

Tumblr: moonybadger July 18, 2018

*cracks knuckles* ok back again with more bcb
SO I was correct that this is only gonna bring Daisy and Lucy closer (or at least better at seeing where the other is coming from) so suck on THAT.
I’m also very impressed with Lucy’s development- she’s much more emotionally mature now. Clearly she’s still dealing with strong emotions and learning how to appropriately express them, but hey she yelled once and recovered and instead of storming off like she might have before, she took the moment to reassure and encourage Daisy. Not sure if Daisy is gonna pick up on that, but hey, the effort is there.
This is also a great reminder that Lucy has dealt with a LOT of sexual harassment in the past. Daisy has only had the one instance with Augustus, and yes, it was bad, no amount of sexual harassment is okay. So I […]

Tumblr: septennial July 19, 2018

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