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It’s All in the Mind — Page 20

Author commentary

Veronica: Sue and Amaya sure know how to make an exit.


Love you, Souppy!!!!

Oliver: I’d like to point out that VERONICA didn’t read the WEEKLY ROUNDUP NEWSLETTER in which I actually asked for people to send me kind messages, follow my Twitter, or mail me something nice. And if you are an artist I just wanna see more people post the new art meme because I love reading those!! THANKS

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Comments from around the web

Lucy: inability to be vulnerable with othersMike: inability to think critically about his own thoughts / actions when they involve SandyPaulo: lack of empathy / understanding of others (like… he seems to have a hard time putting himself in others’ shoes, or WANTING to do so)Daisy: insecurity in herself and her looksAbbey: black & white thinkingAugustus: im actually happy with where he’s at right now, just Keep Goin budDavid: objectification of women

Tumblr: bramblepaws July 20, 2018

and isn’t going to end in super big emotional damage. Then again, this isn’t the last page, so who know what’s going to happen now. I really have to congratulate Vero and Oliver, this is one of the Best Chapters and it ain’t even done yet. The character are on-point, the writing is on-point, the art is /super/ on-point, and it really shows just how good the webcomic is at pacing. It’s not too forced, but not too slow, and I just. Love it. Love it all. (2/2)!!!!!! it’s very good!!!!! agreed!!!!!!!!!!!! and ty for sharing ur Lucy similarities, i love hearin about that stuff!! 

Tumblr: bramblepaws July 20, 2018

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