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It’s All in the Mind — Page 18

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Veronica: Well, then.

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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ttbh I was hopeful for Lucy to have a peaceful time in highschool but boi you’ve seen what a wreck it turned intoso instead of being angry at anyone who wrongs her here’s a couple things I wished could happen in the next chapters:- Mike takes a day off to confront Sandy face-to-face. They have an emotional talk and they both cry a lot because they decide to take a break from the relationship as Sandy found out it’s ruining Mike and she doesn’t want to destroy a person she loves- […]

Tumblr: havocarius July 16, 2018

i feel really bad for lucy. it seems like every time a guy cares about her it has an underlying Attraction to it that makes her distrusting of people as a whole because she thinks that they like or expect something from her based on her appearance. this was a huge thing with paulo i think, because even though he did care about her he fully expected a relationship out of her when all she wanted/needed was a friend who really cared for her well being

Tumblr: pepvi July 16, 2018

called the crying, which is Exciting, but unfortunately that is all those suckers are gonna get bc she’s shutting back down emotionally now
i can only hope that was uhhh enough to make them…. see her as not a Mean Emotionless Bitch

Tumblr: bramblepaws July 16, 2018

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