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It’s All in the Mind — Page 7

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Veronica: so what is the truth

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hmmm today’s page….. both Lucy and Sue are… relatable
i wonder what the reasoning for Lucy keeping it to herself are? being in her position, i would take the stance of “this is a large emotional burden that i dont want to put on anyone who doesn’t already know.” i wonder if that’s what she’s been doing with Sue? 
it would make sense, especially considering she thinks she was ALREADY a burden on her friends. and Sue coming in with “i feel guilty” is going to make Lucy less likely to share (”here’s something to feel even more guilty about!!” i think NOT). 
on the Sue front, i really enjoy when we get to see her little moments of hardship. she’s often the one of the group who has a solid head on her shoulders, but she IS still a realistic person / high-schooler who has her own worries and problems. 
Sue being this vague about it because SHE […]

Tumblr: bramblepaws June 18, 2018

i dont really talk much about bcb on here which is weird bc it’s my longest-running fandom but anyway an obscure want: the augustus acrylic charm. that is a thing that i would like to own one day. it’s only $10 so hypothetically i could def just buy it whenever but i’ll probs wait til i get moved into my new house

Tumblr: varilia June 19, 2018

yo, any other bcb fans gonna be at AX? we should like…. talk about the comic and stuff IDK. draw

Tumblr: bramblepaws June 19, 2018

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