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Veronica: Don’t be like Lucy, you guys!! Knowledge is power! Sharing is caring! Brush your teeth, study every night.

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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compilation of Lucy and Sue… doing their best

Tumblr: bramblepaws June 25, 2018

Yeah it’s true, I don’t like most drama in most cases in general, I feel most drama can be settled in three ways, with a long face to face talk, leaving the world and the people who cause it around you, putting on some boxing gloves and stepping in the ring and slugging out your frustration on each other till you reach a standpoint or all of the above, at least in my world it works.
That being said I appreciate Vero’s BCB not for the teenage drama I still feel can be settled easily, but for the situations that come close to the vest and the exception of Mike who I feel close to. Good chunks of the comic get to me, domestic abuse with a shit dad, shity dumb fights in a shity dumb neighborhood with shity dumb hoodlums, with some good ole PTSD and textbook bipolar schizophrenia on top.
Mike for better or worse I see myself from back in the day. In many cases I and […]

Tumblr: giobrio June 22, 2018

Currently I predict the BCB gang splitting into pro-Mike and pro-Lucy groups and/or Mike getting a “December” style dressing down from Lucy (Unspoken Rule was just a taste of what the latter feels about the former).

Tumblr: lauferisms June 20, 2018

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