It’s All in the Mind — Page 21

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I don’t think Daisy knows whether to be happy or sad by this, but I guess her faux-positivity blew up in her face this time.

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Sue and Amaya is a great ship.

Tumblr: uniursh July 23, 2018

wait hol up
mike now realizes that sandy isn’t going to respond. it’s literally been weeks since last time she messaged him. could that be the reason he went back to creeping up on lucy? because that’s what he’s been used to do every time she took her time to reply to him??? boi what is you doin right now

Tumblr: havocarius July 23, 2018

You’re thinking of Model Girlfriend. I’ve already sort of answered this in my Sandy Ask.It’s one of two possible things: Either Sandy understood she wouldn’t be able to have time to keep in contact with two friends and therefore decided to keep one. Her parents would’ve been okay with a boyfriend instead of just a regular friend for her to spend some time with. There is more value placed in one than the other, so Sandy invested in Mike, unfortunately Daisy lost out.Second possibility: […]

Tumblr: lacktastrophe July 24, 2018

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