103. It’s All in the Mind, page posted 7/9/18

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It’s All in the Mind — Page 15

Author commentary

Veronica: Lucy sure keeps citing evidence and Daisy keeps shooting back with “well that doesn’t count”

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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This is how the comic goes right

Tumblr: strawberry-sweets July 9, 2018

Why do I keep going back to facebook to read bcb pages. It’s just a bunch of people reacting to Daisy saying “Stop trying to make me look like a slut.” with : “Well Daisy if the shoe fits.”Omg She is sixteen years old. I am not saying Daisy is perfect but, people need to like calm down.

Tumblr: puns4puppies July 9, 2018

i’d honestly be really interested to hear what Mike’s thinking right now. i ASSUME it would be something similar to the “god she’s pathetic” attitude he adopts whenever she’s talking to / about Gus but … maybe it’s more? might also be that she’s used Augustus to insult him multiple times. BUT I WANNA KNOW IF THERE’S MORE TO IT……..

Tumblr: bramblepaws July 10, 2018

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