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It’s All in the Mind — Page 20
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Author commentary

Veronica: Sue and Amaya sure know how to make an exit.


Love you, Souppy!!!!

Oliver: I’d like to point out that VERONICA didn’t read the WEEKLY ROUNDUP NEWSLETTER in which I actually asked for people to send me kind messages, follow my Twitter, or mail me something nice. And if you are an artist I just wanna see more people post the new art meme because I love reading those!! THANKS

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and isn’t going to end in super big emotional damage. Then again, this isn’t the last page, so who know what’s going to happen now. I really have to congratulate Vero and Oliver, this is one of the Best Chapters and it ain’t even done yet. The character are on-point, the writing is on-point, the art is /super/ on-point, and it really shows just how good the webcomic is at pacing. It’s not too forced, but not too slow, and I just. Love it. Love it all. (2/2)!!!!!! it’s very good!!!!! agreed!!!!!!!!!!!! and ty for sharing ur Lucy similarities, i love hearin about that stuff!! 

Tumblr: bramblepaws July 20, 2018

Part 2: so I would get defensive about it. Mike might be in the stage of his relationship where he at least SUBCONSCIOUSLY knows this relationship isnt what he needs romantically and what isnt good for him, like i did towards the end of mine, but doesnt want to admit it because its his first relationship, and hes known Sandy for like, ever. So hes like “How could she possibly be not what I need??? Shes been in my life forever. We were so close!”I just think mike is in that stage of his relationship where the only one who can really pull him out of it is someone else he either gets super close to/gets romantic inklings for (Not Lucy thats over and done) or he has to pull himself out of it and realize “this isnt healthy. Sandy isn’t bad but our relationship doesnt suit my needs.” On his own.(Added note to my asks sorry lol) While I dont like Mike’s character AT […]

Tumblr: bramblepaws July 21, 2018

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