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Veronica: yeowch

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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I wonder why he keeps picturing lucy?

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #21814

This is right after the events of Eternal Flame. He has just had that conversation with Lucy so he's thinking about what happened just before this call.

Kash Bran  

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Comment ID #21816

Sandy: (maniacally evil laugh)

Mike: Don’t laugh at me, Sandy! Don’t laugh at me!


Comment ID #21817

Lucy and Sandy have the same vibe.

Haruhi Hatake  

Comment ID #21818

Boy should‘ve rejected her at that point … or at least tell her to let him think about all this for a bit u_u so many bad teenager life decisions that night


Comment ID #21819

whew Mike if only you didn't get involved with someone else in the like one single hour you and your girlfriend spent broken up lmao


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One hour seems about pretty realistic when you look at the events that occurred in-between, makes me wonder how Sandy managed in that time to 1. realize she actually kinda wants to keep Mike, despite rather brutally proclaiming her love for Francis moments before to him 2. explain the situation to her mom, keeping in mind it’s in the middle of the night where she is right now 3. effectively firing Francis / blocking him wherever 4. cancel whatever appointments she had that day 5. all while seemingly trying to call Mike in a panic the whole time? Something … doesn‘t seem to add up here 🤔 or I‘m looking at this too realistically. Still, idk about you guys but something seems reaaaally sus here


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That's not what you said an hour ago you liar

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This is the only time I'll give Mike a break because it definitely seems like he was guilted and pressured into staying with Sandy... it just sucks that Lucy became collateral


Comment ID #21823

Sandy needs therapy squared.


Comment ID #21824

How can he be Sandy’s rock when she completely ghosted him for months beforehand? Mike please!!! 😭


Comment ID #21825

too bad mike doesnt only love u, sandy


Comment ID #21826

Feels like he's getti played or at very least she's neither being honest with him nor herself. I just wonder what her panic is really about.

Birgir Óli Konrádsson  

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