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Veronica: It’s funny how in previous revisions Mike was more of a doormat around Sandy, but writing it this time around.. Mike was just leading me in the direction that he’s sore about this! He’s feeling betrayed!! All his waiting has been for nought because she’s been spending all this time with someone else! The egg is on Mike’s face! So I couldn’t write him as a complete doormat, it just wasn’t feeling that way for me.

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Comment ID #21663

I wonder if liking Mike was the last thing she ever really did without her Mother's constant helicoptering and input.

Haruhi Hatake  

Comment ID #21664

or if mike is the last person to like her for who she is and not because shes a model 🤔

Airy Frith  

Comment ID #21665

So why do you hardly speak to him?


Comment ID #21666

Sandy: Nah, I’m just kidding. I want a life without you.

Mike: (sniff)


Comment ID #21667

:( could have just tried being friends yk


Comment ID #21668

It is hard for him... To be honest a lot of us may not be in the same position, you may not be able to really fully understand what he's going through. But this is window that shows trying his best to not be a bad person. He's trying to follow his heart, but unfortunately that hurts other people. Whether or not it has any intention. I feel pretty bad for him, he is mixed up inside and hurting in more ways than one. And this will follow him perhaps for a good chunk of his life, I would not wish this on anyone.


Comment ID #21669

Again I seriously applaud how Taeshi‘s writing Sandy, it would have been so easy at the point of this chapter to have Sandy completely vanish after her „Why fix something that‘s so broken? Goodbye, Maishul“ and it would have made sense for all that we knew, but having her panic instead and realize that she actually does not want Mike to be gone out of her life, no matter whom she was seeing beside him … just feels so real. Like those are some Real Bad Decisions™, but the reaction is also very human. (or you know, cat.)


Comment ID #21670

ALSO I really liked the decision not to show this phone call back in chapter 110, the immediate cut to the next morning delivered really well to us, the readers, how Lucy felt in that moment. Without us having a chance to feel sympathy for Sandy/Mike in this situation here, it came as an even bigger shock! Out of nowhere, just as for Lucy. oh man. my heart still aches for the poor girl…


Comment ID #21671

Girl you've been living a life without him for months, you two barely speak. But man, it's so hard to let go of a first relationship that represents a lot to you huh...


Comment ID #21672

I wonder what the mistake she made was? Honestly it really makes me think mike was her second choice. Like she tried to be with the other guy and either he rejected her or her mom did something to prevent sandy from being with him. I could be completely wrong though, i cant wait to see how the rest of the conversation goes!

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #21673

"Maishul, you don't need these vertebrae, do you...?"

Phoebe Zeitler  

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