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Veronica: HEY EVERYONE!!!!

It’s time for a new chapter!!

It is going to be lots of fun and will definitely not be a gigantic challenge for me because I struggle so much with backgrounds but the boys are going to the MALLLLLLLLLLLLL :)

why do i do this to myself

i should make mike a goth that way his room is just completely black and the bcb kids should be in his room all the time

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Comment ID #21880

Hmmmmm friends


Comment ID #21881

Is he going to get a new perspective from his new friends?

Haruhi Hatake  

Comment ID #21882

Ok, speak to you later. Gotta go on a date with my new stalker/lover. Bye


Comment ID #21883

Sandy: Maishul, Maishul! Wait, wait! (click)


Comment ID #21884

Crap, you're right. I like James, but now he's a mf.

Dave Ostroske  

Comment ID #21885

James: Hooray! Let’s go Christmas shopping, and you’re paying for everything!

Mike: WHAT!!!!


Comment ID #21886

I’ve had yugioh on the brain lately so I saw link and thought this would be a yugioh based chapter


Comment ID #21887

aw he got friends again


Comment ID #21888

:( aw <3 mike


Comment ID #21889

Well, he got a new friend group. Hopefully this works out for him.

Not saying he won't hang woth the others but that it'll be good for him to have a fresh start. Same with Lucy and Abbey ginding other friends outside the main group as well.

I wonder how Paulo feels about James now.

Kash Bran  

Comment ID #21890

Should be concerned about him and sandy...but too busy gawking at the new cat boys.

Ashura Atsu  

Comment ID #21891

Link Play, hmm.. 🤔 Video games can be linked together so maybe Mike will buy a gaming system with his new friends in this chapter. JK lol


Comment ID #21892

That would actually be a pretty big step! I don't think Mike has actually played a video game since, "December," almost a whole year at this point, (feel free to correct me) because Sandy saw it as a childish activity. After everything that's happened so far, it'd be really nice to see Mike starting to do the things HE likes again without worrying about what Sandy would think.


Comment ID #21893

I can't believe Mike would stoop so low as to get into Yugioh


Comment ID #21894

The boys are back in town

Jonah Sanville (firelight_waltz)  

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