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Veronica: Isn’t that familiar!

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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Comment ID #21679

Oop well thems the breaks


Comment ID #21680

Sandy is opening up about her deep fears of loneliness and he thinks about Lucy who's facing the same thing she is. Lucy developed a tough exterior while Sandy developed a happy facade.

Haruhi Hatake  

Comment ID #21681

Lol did he take Sandy back out of guilt?


Comment ID #21682

Emperor Palpatine: [to Mike] Good! Use your sad feelings, boy. Let the guilt flow through you!


Comment ID #21683

Mike has a type lol

Alex Covey  

Comment ID #21684

Yeah, this shows all the red flags that Francis was a giant creep.

I don’t like Sandy as someone who’s invested in Mike’s wellbeing, but if what I think happened actually happened, I’d understand why she’d want to continue clinging onto Mike, but clear as glass that this relationship is only going to keep sucking for both parties in the long run.


Comment ID #21685

Seems like he was about to say something like "no one else thinks of me that way" or "no one else means as much to me as you do"... but he stopped because Lucy lol

Kash Bran  

Comment ID #21686

It reads more to me like he's mulling over his relationship with the last person who had "no one else" but him. *coughlucycough*

Mobius Gopherhole  

Comment ID #21687

I get what you mean.

This is definitely a clear parallel to Lucy feeling essentially the exact same way, though she actually did prioritize him in her life.

Kash Bran  

Comment ID #21688

Please, Mike. Make the right choice.

Phoebe Zeitler  

Comment ID #21689

OH SHIT. I love flashbacks :D that's DEFINITELY December which is fitting lol

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #21690

Mike you had nothing but scorn for this kind of justification for needing you (also specifically because so many others only saw her looks!!) when it was Lucy back in the day! Why is it so much harder to reject it from Sandy?


Comment ID #21691

The parallels are being weaponized against Mike at this point, hell yeah!

Rendak Darkgale  

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