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Veronica: oh right sandy cheated on mike… he should still kinda be sore about that…

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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Comment ID #21623

Love how he's like, "of course I was mad why wouldn't I be" love seeing the growth of his spine


Comment ID #21624

I'm so happy we're getting this scene! I want more Sandy. I don't like her.. But I don't know her like the other characters. Which means it's time to see how she's grown! If she has anyway


Comment ID #21625

Mike: No you’re not, I can hear Francis laughing in the background!

Sandy: Crap, he knows! (click)

Mike: ……….


Comment ID #21626

Yes, Mike! Keep the focus on the problem. It might be unreasonable to expect these teens to avoid personal attacks durring the conversation, instead discussing how they've been hurt by each-others actions, but at the very least do NOT let the problem get swept under the rug.


Comment ID #21627

Mike's expression in the last panel is so chilling...!

Rendak Darkgale  

Comment ID #21628

Oooh he gave her the December eyes


Comment ID #21629

I have the distinct impression that over the course of this conversation Mike will discover his spine, then let Sandy rip it from his skeleton and beat him with it until he forgives her.

If we are very very lucky it will only be metaphorical.

Phoebe Zeitler  

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