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Veronica: I love Sandy’s tactfulness.

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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Mike you had nothing but scorn for this kind of justification for needing you (also specifically because so many others only saw her looks!!) when it was Lucy back in the day! Why is it so much harder to reject it from Sandy?

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The parallels are being weaponized against Mike at this point, hell yeah!

Rendak Darkgale  

Comment ID #21694

Mike, you should've shut her down, jerk


Comment ID #21695

Mike doesn't deserve this and neither do these girls.

Haruhi Hatake  

Comment ID #21696

Ya mean Daisy and Lucy?


Comment ID #21697

Sandy too. We don't see her life too often but what we have seen is that it is very stressful.

Haruhi Hatake  

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Sandy: Oh him, you don’t to worry about him anymore. He lost interest in me, he’s more interested in stealing someone’s bike.

Mike: Why a bike?

Sandy: He told me it's the coolest looking bike he ever seen.

Mike: Oh.


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the sudden 180 of "i hate myself and you're too good for me and also the best choice for me you make me a better person" etc etc is so painfully familiar. Entirely possible that she tried to tell Francis they could be together and HE panicked about it and dipped? which in turn made Sandy panic? just a thought! people (especially young insecure people) might like the idea of a relationship they can't have and the thought of actually getting it for real is too scary

Lily Hoyda  

Comment ID #21700

i say this fully aware it's why characters like Lucy and Tess consistently jerked Paulo around while never confident enough to try dating him

Lily Hoyda  

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I think ypu are right about francis. I think when sandy ended things with mike she ran to francis and he rejected her. I only say this because in the chapter track meet page 23, sandy is talking on the phone with mike and sandy says “his loss is all i have to say” which struck me as odd because that usually what the person who was rejected says not the person who did the rejecting

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #21702

it was just a phase, maishul!!

Airy Frith  

Comment ID #21703

Hey, we get to see Mike hurting Lucy twice in one week! (the December chapter is running on webtoon)

Wow I hate him, just wow 😂

The Orangewalled  

Comment ID #21704

It's amazing how much has happened in just the year between December and Eternal Flame


Comment ID #21705

It's a fun yearly yuletide tradition for Mike to ruin Lucy's life now. It's just not Christmas without it!


Comment ID #21706

I feel ya on this page Mike, that is exasperating...

Maybelle Conrad  

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