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Veronica: It sucks when a person crying makes you start crying as well dkhfkdhfgkdhgdg that happens to me all the time

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Comment ID #21749

This feels....guilt trippy on her part....


Comment ID #21750


Lily Hoyda  

Comment ID #21751

Omg what a non apology from her, no personal responsibility 😂 how terrible to cheat and expect him to be ok with it bc "one mistake shouldnt make you stop loving me".

i love sandy pages they always give so much context and have so much to say


Comment ID #21752

Ahh, there it is.

Haruhi Hatake  

Comment ID #21753

ah yes, one seemingly continued and repeated mistake to the degree of which i am not going to admit to

Airy Frith  

Comment ID #21754

This is really manipulative… holy shit


Comment ID #21755

Sandy: And that’s when I realized he's a lot better than you.

Mike: Wha…


Comment ID #21756

Wow so she straight up guilted him back into the relationship

Brittany ann  

Comment ID #21757

She is pretty manipulative here. She did not apologize, and this will happen again, these 'feelings', and it is something she does need to roll with going forward. She may be busy, but she has to spare the time like he has. And be active.

But that can be another mask. We shall see.


Comment ID #21758

SANDY NOOOOOOOO....... I had been still sympathetic to her for a while but when she calls cheating one mistake.... girl don't


Comment ID #21759

Yeah right?? Omg lmaoo


Comment ID #21760

Same like ;-;

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #21761

I dont even know why Sandy is bothering to stay with Mike. She obviously isn't good in long distance relationships, she's already cheated, and she said she loved another guy. She should just be with Francis (not really...him being a working adult preying on a highscooler is another issue).

Also, she is good at manipulation. I'll assume she learned it from her mother.


Comment ID #21762

She doesn't like to lose


Comment ID #21763

We have already gone over Francis being her age in a previous page this chapter.


Comment ID #21764

it was proven he isn't an adult last page. She said he's her age

Tasha McClean  

Comment ID #21765

Good, then she should just go and be with Francis then


Comment ID #21766

"You're mean cause I cheated on you." What a b*****!

Cherushi Metsumari  

Comment ID #21767

reeeeally don’t like how Sandy said this, that HE got into her head as if it was entirely one sided and she’s just a victim


Comment ID #21768

Well just ick. I’m not the biggest Mike fan but he really needs different people in his life. They just walk all over him 😕


Comment ID #21769

sandy is so good at making me feel bad for her and then immediately ruining it lmao


Comment ID #21770

attacking her attacking her attacking her


Comment ID #21771

What a narcissist


Comment ID #21772

"Oh, quit your screaming, Maishul, I ripped out your heart for a very good reason... it's 'cause you MADE me do it."

Phoebe Zeitler  

Comment ID #21773

"one mistake"??? "seems so mean"????? 😞 girl what the hell...


Comment ID #21774

Yeah totally Mike's fault for not loving her.... damn she's really selfish here


Comment ID #21775

WHAT!? Sandy, you COMPLETELY lost me there. Mike wasn't the inattentive one he reached out to you so many times. Admit it was YOUR FAULT.

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #21776

Congratulations on picking this over Lucy. You won, clearly.


Comment ID #21777

But she's a MODEL!!!! 🤯

Sai Santoso-Miller  

Comment ID #21778

One mistake… that I made over and over and over for months.


Comment ID #21779

That's a bit toxic, Sandy, don't you think?


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