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New Year’s Resolution — Page 7

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Veronica: This is so cute, actually

Mike wants to get up to date on all the Sandy news now she’s climbing the ranks of relevancy.

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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Comment ID #23546

Uh oh. This can only go well surely(sarcasm)


Comment ID #23547

Hm, I'm sensing a news/forum post with sandy and what's his face at a new year's party


Comment ID #23548

I like sandy, but girl needs therapy from working so much so young


Comment ID #23549

Can we now have a gang of the boys playing videogames at Paulo's house


Comment ID #23550

Not pictured: David has already started going through the boxes


Comment ID #23551

I get looking up professional pics of your model GF who you're in an LDR with but if that's essentially the ONLY thing you're doing on your computer... uhhhh... Now that's what I call a 1(800)-YIKES


Comment ID #23552

Jeepers, Mike's a creeper!


Comment ID #23553

LMFAO THAT'S SO WEIRD MIKE YOU-- no he's just a teenager he doesn't deserve what I was gonna say. It's too mean.

Maybelle Conrad  

Comment ID #23554

Yep! And that's the only thing the internet is for ????


Comment ID #23555

Yep! And that's the only thing the internet is for 😉😉


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