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New Year’s Resolution — Page 2

Author commentary

Veronica: Augustus has so much self-control, resisting the urge to press his hand against the snow on top of the hedge beside him. It’s kinda cool when the snow sorta freezes into this beautiful flat sheet.. fun to break apart with a nice punch.

Anyway I assume this party is as loud as any run-of-the-mill hispanic party. You all know what kinda hispanic parties I’m talking about. There were so many family gatherings where I literally had to cover my ears, crying! What’s with having party venues be unspeakably loud?!?!?!?!??! Are we expected to just sit around quietly?? Yowch!

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Comments from Patreon

Comment ID #23510

Lucy you gotta check on the oven though, that food's gonna burn

Jim Avery  

Comment ID #23511

Is Lulu's resolution to burn the food? Because she didn't check the oven


Comment ID #23512

Will Augustus finally find happiness? Find out on the next chapter of B C B

Stradivarius Winter  

Comment ID #23513

leave him alone


Comment ID #23514

Chapter drama is their house burning down


Comment ID #23515

Please no New Year Kiss


Comment ID #23516

Yesss confirmation on Deaf family member!


Comment ID #23517

Augustus: Yup, a brand new year to be a jerk to everyone. I can't wait!

Lucy: ..........


Comment ID #23518

Ahhh~ it's the anniversary of... the incident in December


Comment ID #23519

are they going to kiss? new year kiss?


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