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*Lucy slightly blushes. She holds the letter as Mike looks on, guiltily.*
Lucy: Oh? What’s this?
Mike: Lucy..

Lucy: Whoa.. is this for real? This is really her?
*Mike looks away.*
Mike: Lucy, please don’t.

*Lucy turns back to Mike with a beaming smile.*
Lucy: Haha, wow! That’s awesome!
Mike: ..?!

Lucy: I didn’t think you’d keep in touch! How long have you been writing to her?
*Mike frowns nervously.*
Mike: Umm.. years, I guess..

*Lucy smirks playfully.*
Lucy: Ah so, she’s your prom date this Friday, huh?
*Mike smiles uneasily and blushes, he waves his hand dismissively.*
Mike: Oh, definitely not! She lives too far away!

*Lucy grins, raising her finger to the air as she teases.*
Lucy: Oh so if she WAS here you’d totally be taking her out, huh?
Mike: NO, that’s not what I mean!!
*Mike hides his face, embarrassed.*

*Yashy and Chirpy watch with puzzled looks.*
Yashy: I am so lost..
Chirpy: What’s a prom?

*Lucy turns to them, waving her hand.*
Lucy: Don’t worry about it! We need to go, anyway. Mike needs his rest!
*Mike looks on with slight concern.*

Lucy: See you tomorrow..
*Lucy smiles as she looks back at Mike.*
Lucy: I’m happy to hear you’re still talking.. really!

*Mike continues to look concerned.*
Mike: Umm.. thanks..
Lucy: C’mon, don’t be so touchy.

*Lucy looks unamused.*
Lucy: Keep pouting and I’ll give you something to be upset about. Now go enjoy your erotic read.
Mike: .. Yessir..

*Yashy leaps at Lucy, surprising her.*
Yashy: Mom! What were you ramblin’ about back there?

*Chirpy flies up on top of Lucy’s head.*
Chirpy: Yeah, Girl-Kitty! Who wrote the letter?

Lucy: Don’t worry about it! It’s just an old friend of Mike’s, nothing more!
*Lucy gives her pets an unconvincing smile.*

Chirpy: What kinda friend writes glittery hearts on their letter?
*Yashy squints suspiciously.*
Yashy: A gay one, I hope.
Lucy: Haha..

*Lucy pets Yashy and smiles up at Chirpy.*
Lucy: I know this sounds awfully strange of me to say.. but I’m lucky I have you guys as company.

*Chirpy smiles.*
Chirpy: Aww, I love you too, Girl-Kitty! We’re a family~ ♥

Chirpy: Group hug~! ♥
*Lucy smiles wearily as her eyes are covered by Chirpy’s wings.*
Yashy: This is suspiciously corny.

Author commentary

Veronica: Lucy is taking this really well! I don’t see what Mike has to feel so nervous about.. surely he doesn’t need to feel guilty about what he’s doing at all!

Perhaps this is why Lucy kept rejecting Mike’s advances…

Oliver: Let’s not disturb the lizard.

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Reader comments

Comment ID #1306

Hey… who was that letter from? I feel like I missed something.

Kan March 13, 2010, 4:27 PM EST.

Comment ID #1336

This is why you turn to the next few pages :DD


Taeshi March 14, 2010, 9:19 AM EDT.

Comment ID #5756

thats common sense…

bored as hell April 19, 2010, 3:57 AM EDT.

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