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Mike (narrating): The school year passed quickly, and Sandy became a steady B student, at least. But we never missed a “study date”, even if all we did was talk..
*Mike waves goodbye to Sandy.*
Sandy: Goodnight!

Mike (narrating): When summer finally came around, we visited each other nearly every single day.
*Sandy runs up to Mike, arms outstretched.*
Sandy: Maishul!

*Fluffy white clouds float through the sky.*
Sandy: That one looks like a snail..

*Sandy and Mike lie on their backs on a grassy hill. Sandy is looking at the sky.*
Sandy: What do you see?
*Mike gazes at Sandy, blushing.*
Mike: An angel.

*Mike violently shakes his head and sits up, embarrassed.*
Mike: ACK! I MEAN!! NO!!
*Sandy blushes.*
Sandy: !

*Sandy gazes back, love in her eyes.*
Sandy: Don’t worry. I think I see one too ♥

*Sandy sits up.*
Sandy: Hey, let’s play a game!
*Mike is blushing deeply.*
Mike: Oh.. okay..

*Sandy cutely holds a finger to her mouth.*
Sandy: I spy with my little eye ♪

*Sandy wraps her arms around Mike.*
Sandy: Someone that I love! ♥

*Mike literally melts into a puddle as Sandy giggles.*
Sandy: You’re so cute!! ♥

Mike (narrating): Man, I was on cloud nine..
*Mike and Sandy hold hands, running and laughing.*
Mike (narrating): She liked me.. and I liked her.

Mike (narrating): I surprised her whenever I could..
*Sandy is wearing a flower in her hair.*
Mike: I saw it and thought of you!
*Sandy holds a hand to her cheek.*
Sandy: It’s pretty!

Mike (narrating): And she’d do little things in return..
*Sandy, smiling, holds up a birthday cake.*
Sandy: Happy birthday, Maishul!
*Mike looks delighted, surrounded by sparkles.*

*Lucy watches from a distance as Sandy chases Mike.*
Mike (narrating): I didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about Lucy. But she was always there in the background..

Mike (narrating): She wasn’t totally alone. This was around the time she found Yashy.
*Lucy clutches a large egg as she watches, tears in her eyes.*
Lucy: Bunch of corny freaks.

*Lucy walks away, cradling the egg.*
Mike (narrating): And those two are close to this day..

*Mike lies in bed, smiling with his eyes closed.*
Mike (narrating): It didn’t work out like that for me and Sandy. She invited me out to our favorite spot..

Author commentary

Veronica: SMOOTH, MIKE, REAL SMOOTH. Your nine-year-old self sure has a way with words.

Poor Lucy. Mike is definitely on cloud nine at the moment, but we all remember how clingy Lucy is to him.. and I guess this also helps to show the time of the scene.. since Yashy hatched on the first day of fourth grade (September 1).. so they’re nearing the end now.

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Reader comments

Comment ID #23824

Oh shoot Sandy melted Mike! O.O

Cuddle Bear May 18, 2010, 8:46 PM EDT.

Comment ID #150634

I know I should feel bad for Lucy, but she’s just so abusive that I really can’t.
I really hope Sandy and “Maishul” get together in the end. So adorable.

bluesub6 March 7, 2011, 2:07 AM EST.

Comment ID #191783

As much as the whole MikeXSandy relationship is working out quite nicely and quite heartwarming, I feel sad for Lucy and I’m still rooting for MikeXLucy.

Harris012 November 19, 2011, 2:07 AM EST.

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