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103. It’s All in the Mind, page posted 7/16/18

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It’s All in the Mind — Page 18
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Veronica: Well, then.

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once this chapter is over I have a mighty need to va this entire scene that went down–

Tumblr: kindlecorner July 16, 2018

oh sooooooo many times, like, so many………it was played off as slapstick, but i think that it was also “really” what was going on! when we’re kids, violence is funny, so i’m sure that the characters themselves played the punches etc off as jokes as well. the thing is, it’s different to punch somebody when you’re in kindergarten vs punching somebody when you’re 13 and have been taking Lessons On How To Hit for a long time. im sure if she had grown out of the hitting / had been told it was not okay at some earlier point, it would’ve been fine. but she wasnt! so here we are…………..

Tumblr: bramblepaws July 16, 2018

weight is like, The Thing You’re Supposed To Do when someone isn’t thin. because her mom’s probably pointed out her weight plenty of times and Sandy’s probably justified it to herself as an “it’s because she loves me” thing. like… tactfully pointing out someone’s weight is how u show u care!! or whatever (2/2)and it’s not that I like her at all?? even knowing this about her I still don’t like how she acts. but I think she’s been very, very sheltered/controlled by her mom and doesn’t have a better way of relating to people yet. >:V (3/2)yeah!!!!!!! this sounds right!!!! her mom…….is a Piece Of Work so this makes sense actually. thank u for sending it!!!YEAH that’s fair!! i hope that she like… is able to develop some critical thinking skills etc and get away from her mom a bit in the coming years. hopefully…. college

Tumblr: bramblepaws July 17, 2018

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