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It’s All in the Mind — Page 21
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Author commentary


I don’t think Daisy knows whether to be happy or sad by this, but I guess her faux-positivity blew up in her face this time.

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Chapter 63 “Pillow Talk”, page 39 - Daisy talks about how Sandy was her best friend, then suddenly “stopped”…Posted imageChapter 103 “It’s All In The Mind”, page 21 - Mike finally admits what we all suspected…Posted imageIf there is ANY friend to admit this to without a snarky reaction, Daisy is the one.  Sandy did this to Daisy already - and it could be happening again!
I get the feeling Mike isn’t confronting Sandy about this because he feels that he’s to blame.  Sandy’s last visit had her criticizing […]

Tumblr: ryukodragon July 23, 2018

And here’s the reason I think Mike needs to leave Sandy.
Now I don’t really care for Mike that much, since the events of Lucy’s suicide and what lead up to it, but I certainly don’t hate him. He’s a teenager going through a hell of a time in his life, and Lucy certainly hasn’t always been the best to him, so to an extent his feelings and actions about her are completely understandable.
Anyways, about Mike and Sandy. The problem here is that, despite the fact that they love each other and whatnot, and Sandy is a great girl, Mike has emotional and physical needs that simply cannot be met in this relationship, because Sandy is so busy and so distant. And I’m not saying that Sandy doesn’t have her own needs that aren’t being met, we simply don’t know for sure if that’s the case, but whether or not she does, it’s in Mike’s best interest, at […]

Tumblr: leonidas1754 July 24, 2018

You’re thinking of Model Girlfriend. I’ve already sort of answered this in my Sandy Ask.It’s one of two possible things: Either Sandy understood she wouldn’t be able to have time to keep in contact with two friends and therefore decided to keep one. Her parents would’ve been okay with a boyfriend instead of just a regular friend for her to spend some time with. There is more value placed in one than the other, so Sandy invested in Mike, unfortunately Daisy lost out.Second possibility: […]

Tumblr: lacktastrophe July 24, 2018

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