Time Out — Page 12

Author commentary

Veronica: oh boy

Oliver: Abbey likes pressing that button.

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Comments from Patreon

Comment ID #11963

No one talks about Daisy like that around Paulo.


Comment ID #11964

Ooooh, it looks like a fight is about to break out


Comment ID #11965

This will be FASCINATING

Aiden Reff  

Comment ID #11966

Paulo is definitely going to take the fall for this one, because "uwu oh noes poor bby Abby" I'm already mad


Comment ID #11967

ah shit, here we go again.


Comment ID #11968

I think starting a physical fight with Abbey might be the literal worst direction for this to go. Great job Paulo.


Comment ID #11969

That's what I was thinking, but at the same time...with his mind already set like that, it might be the only way to get his attention and keep it there.

Ashura Atsu  

Comment ID #11970

Oh Paulo.... When will you learn


Comment ID #11971

FINALLY sorry but abbey has been talking about Daisy like that for too long. Even before they broke up he was treating her like she was beneath him. FIGHT FIGHT WORLD STAR


Comment ID #11972

This shows how little Abbey thinks of Daisy. Like she can't look after herself.. Abbey is talking about her like an object. Any time Paulo wronged her it was because of this asshat getting in his face. Ugh! I have so much to say about Abbey, none of it good.


Comment ID #11973

Like.. Paulo was ALWAYS respectful of Daisy. He cherishes their friendship.. And Abbey has done his damnedist to drive a wedge between them.


Comment ID #11974

Mike Goldberg: And here we go! (UFC reference)


Comment ID #11975

ugh PAULOOOO........you were so close to being able to push this in a constructive direction. so close


Comment ID #11976

You know what? I'm not surprised. Abbey will get away with his BS like he always does. Meanwhile, Daisy is going to get angry at Paulo, she will not want to talk to him, and Paulo will digress badly. Poor Paulo, he deserves better.


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