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Comment ID #12113

!? Paulo crossing a line

Moses Leiva  

Comment ID #12114

Holy shit.


Comment ID #12115

Paulo has no idea what he's just done


Comment ID #12116

Welp, he's dead. Nice knowing you, Paulo.


Comment ID #12117

Abbey, if we’re talking privileges I don’t think Paulo is a good reference... last chance for empathy!!

Catalina Saini  

Comment ID #12118

Paulo.... you messed up big time DX


Comment ID #12119

The next day, he was dead.


Comment ID #12120

And Abbey became cellmates with his dad.


Comment ID #12121

Ohhhhh.... oh nooo...paulo..noooo


Comment ID #12122

Well this is going badly.

Fiver26_SJH Studios  

Comment ID #12123

Oh yay we're gonna get more background into Paulo's momma? Maybe sharing his trauma might make him a little more relatable for Abbey.. no way that excuses his bullying but maybe it'll help Abbey start considering that everybody's got crap they have to deal with. Really hope Abbey manages to act with at least some kindness here.. though he's clearly in a heated state of mind right now


Comment ID #12124

The only person Abbey lost recently was Daisy.. And that wasn't Paulos fault. He choked him out because he was jealous, not because he was being bullied.. Paulo doesn't have it easy either. Ugh to say he has no support makes me angry.


Comment ID #12125

Abbey has alot of support from his family. Idk if Paulo has the same.


Comment ID #12126

Also for once I'll say Abbey shush everyone there has encouraged you to stay in the circle you just can't your head out of your butt about Paulo because none of his friends have done an even halfway decent job of explaining why you should


Comment ID #12127

abbey: i have no support

me: *gestures at his foster(adoptive?) parents, mike, daisy who STILL by and large supports him, molly, his therapist, jazmine, hell even sue has sympathized with him and even basically praised him for physically assaulting paulo*

neither is 100% right or wrong here but for abbey to claim he gets no love or support is kind of laughably false

Airy Frith  

Comment ID #12128

On first read, I thought Paulo was being a jerk for the mother comment, but now I realize he's saying that abbey had a mother who did love him before her passing. It seems paulo is implying that his own mother didn't. I'm hoping we finally get some backstory on Paulo's mom, whom we have never seen. Or, you know, Abbey will chokeslam him and nary an adult will help while it escalates.

M. L. Scotland  

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