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Veronica: “Moms can be CRUEL??!?!!??! does not… compute”

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Comments from Patreon

Comment ID #12240

????the teacher is us but we would bring popcorn lol


Comment ID #12241

Is that the principle? Also, they seem to be doing fine talking it out on their own so hopefully noone actually gets in trouble for Paulos outburst when they weren't clicking.

Fiver26_SJH Studios  

Comment ID #12242

I was partially expecting her to have been standing at the door listening the whole while after the initial shouting happened and just, like, letting it progress (unless it got worse lol) but nope. Those must be some thick as heck walls/doors. XD;;

Keiran Gold  

Comment ID #12243

They're going to return to class actually acting friendly with each other and confuse the absolute hell out of Daisy and everyone else and I am living for it

Jordan Thompson  

Comment ID #12244

I truly keep forgetting adults exist here

M. L. Scotland  

Comment ID #12245

WELP. I have a new reaction image.

Alec Emmerich  

Comment ID #12246

I like her hair design and color :)!

Luis Alonso Herrero Scotto  

Comment ID #12247

I'm so glad someone witnessed it! Can this one shared moment really change Abbeys mind? Will he really be able to come to terms with the fact that he is actually wrong when it comes to Paulo? Will he really be able to see Paulos perspective and understand he's doing the best he can with what life has handed him?


Comment ID #12248

I'd like that all to be yes! Buuuut I have a feeling that once Abbey is triggered again he'll forget this moment in his rage


Comment ID #12249

Abbey apologizing to Paulo! Hell has frozen over!


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