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Jesus Christ. This conversation sounds a lot like Mike telling Lucy off


Comment ID #12032

Abbey is an asshole but i also keep thinking back to when Paulo the dog girl.. (im sorry im blanking on her name rn) like she really loved and accepted him for who he was and he didn't even notice.. i still feel awful for her.. like i think abbey is wrong about Paulo but I can see that paulo probably should grow up a little bit.. i still think daisy could help him do that since he's naturally more mature around her


Comment ID #12033

*hurt the dog girl


Comment ID #12034

Yeah, but then again Rachel, or the dog girl didn't really handle the situation any better than Paulo did. She should have been more straightforward with Paulo. Although the signs were there, Paulo was far too inexperienced and immature to see the true intentions and feelings behind Rachel's act, it wasn't really his fault. I'm not trying to put the blame on Rachel, because the situation isn't all black and white. Both of them made mistakes, which is understandable, considering the fact that they are both young and still learning. Both Rachel and Paulo have lots of growing up to do.


Comment ID #12035

Thats true.. i think paulo is too clueless and she's too friendly.. i can see how it would be difficult for him to tell the difference between her true feelings and her regular bubbly flirtation.. i can see how both of them could be at fault there


Comment ID #12036

This has some major Mike telling Lucy off vibes. I don't think Abbey is required to accept an apology but tbh Abbey is the single biggest bully in the series at this point, dude needs to assess his treatment of others


Comment ID #12037

Abbey's pullin' a Mike....Paulo is trying to do better and Abbey is just ripping him down....


Comment ID #12039

Poor Paulo.. Abbey is so full of himself. Him and Mike need a reality check. What a bully.. He's such a hypocrite.


Comment ID #12040

Abbey's anger is completely justified. While he is definitely still being a real jerk here, he also is unaware of all the good sides of Paulo- sides that Paulo's friends haven't done a great job explaining. Iirc every time Mike or Daisy defend him it's basically a chorus of "he's not that bad, really" with no real details or reasoning to why they "put up with him".. but Abbey is also doing a lot of assuming because he's put Paulo in a box. Drama!

I think we have a case of the hero sticking to his guns long enough to become the villain


Comment ID #12041

His anger might be justified, but his actions sure as hell aren't.


Comment ID #12042

Nice to see I'm not the only one catching some parallels to December in this page! Let's just hope this doesn't go to the same extremes. I certainly wouldn't expect it to, since this is a significantly different dynamic than Mike & Lucy, but if Paulo seriously starts internalizing the stuff Abbey's saying here without talking it out with his friends, we could still start seeing some seriously self-destructive symptoms.

Alec Emmerich  

Comment ID #12043

Honestly I think Abbey really has a point, he never showed Abbey a good side to him only bad

eve h  

Comment ID #12044

If someone brought up my dead parent in front of a class of people just to get me together with an ex I would feel the same hatred too. Is Abbey assaulting paulo justified? No. Of course not. Is taunting Abbey continually throughout years of school and bringing up his abusive past justified? No not at all.

eve h  

Comment ID #12045


Airy Frith  

Comment ID #12046

Jesus the Mike and Lucy vibes this is giving off right now... also, I know Paulo hasn't been the greatest with Abbey, but Abbey has litterally had Mike, Daisy, and Jasmine tell him Paulo is a good guy and he's ignoring all of it.

Fiver26_SJH Studios  

Comment ID #12047

Abbey, the second Mike.


Comment ID #12048

Who has complained about Paulo besides Jasmine and Sue? They need to stay away from each other


Comment ID #12049

and jasmine and sue have never been like "he is the worst person to ever exist", they just butt heads sometimes.

Jonah Sanville (firelight_waltz)  

Comment ID #12050

All if not the majority of Rachel's friends after seeing her feelings being rejected by an unsuspecting Paulo

eve h  

Comment ID #12051

abbey and mike should get married and fuck off

Jonah Sanville (firelight_waltz)  

Comment ID #12052

woah got a december flashback for a sec there


Comment ID #12053

I know people are paralleling this to Mike and Lucy but I really don't think it can be. With Mike and lucy there were intimate times where they spoke and showed their love for one another, whereas with Paulo and Abbey there was never ever that connection, Abbey was only treated badly by Paulo and belittled by him.

eve h  

Comment ID #12054

It's very evident that within the community Paulo is very much cared about whereas Abbey is quite hated. I think we all should remember that Abbey isnt going to be in a healthy mindset after growing up growing up how he did, for many many years he may be damaged and traumatised. He is evidently trying to work past it with going to therapy but I feel like alot of the community forget what Abbey has gone through and why he may not act the way one will normally do

eve h  

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