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Veronica: There’s this old magical girl Lucy comic I drew when I was 14 or so where a lot of the story took place at a campsite so she was wearing a white shirt and bike-shorts-ish pants as a uniform, like how Stacy is dressed in the third panel here. It’s a very cute look! Clearly inspired by the gym clothes in Cardcaptor Sakura.

I’ve admittedly considered dressing the BCB crew in that kind of gear when they would go to gym since I remember I had to change to gym clothes back in High School. But I know dressing them up would create annoying “wHy DoN’t ThEy WeAr ClOtHeS oUtSiDe Of GyM cLaSs” remarks which has DEMOTIVATED me from doing it!!!

Less for me to draw at least!!

(Katie and Stacy normally wear clothes, though, so reasonably they would change into uniforms.)

Just imagine, if they were humans they’d have to switch into gym clothes during gym and not actually wear what they went to school with. Getting your normal clothes all sweaty… fughfgkhfgk

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Comments from Patreon

Comment ID #11926

I hope Abbey listens, he doesn’t actually need to, but it would be nice.

Fiver26_SJH Studios  

Comment ID #11928

I mean… Somebody having physically attacked me in a bathroom and attempted to choke me out, id probably not feel super comfy approaching them with an apology that they’ve proven they wouldn’t believe. Sounds like a great way to be attacked again, tbh


Comment ID #11929

What’s stopping him? Maybe getting assaulted by the guy? Feels like they’re forgetting about Abbey choking Paulo at the con, no matter what Paulo has done Abbey doesn’t deserve an apology.

Laura Yardeen  

Comment ID #11930

When he tried apologizing to him, he wound up in a hospital instead.


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