Time Out — Page 2

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Veronica: Meanwhile Haley is across the school feeling a cold chill down her spine.

Mike might have been getting an earful out of Daisy and Paulo recently but he really wishes them well

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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How do I put this…
It’s insanely frustrating to see Abbey acting like this. I understand not liking someone, that’s fine. But even now, there’s a severe lack of self-awareness on Abbey’s part. At worst, Paulo’s a bit of a tool, but overall isn’t a bad guy- he certainly never sets out to hurt anyone. Meanwhile, Abbey has gotten physically violent toward Paulo, and if I remember events correctly, is pretty much defending Michael doing similar here. It’s incredibly concerning just how much Abbey hates Paulo. Abbey isn’t a bad guy, but I feel like if things keep going this direction, Paulo is and will continue to be in legitimate danger from him.
At they very least, it does seem as if Mike isn’t blind to it, but… I’m still worried.

Tumblr: leonidas1754 May 18, 2020

i’m frankly extremely disappointed to see mike being… the same as he’s always been. it’s been extremely frustrating watching him interact with the platonian ideal of sandy since, like, Dial Tone. 
on the other hand: 2earsup hell yeah

Tumblr: bramblepaws May 11, 2020

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