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Veronica: Of course “you’re lazy” is added alongside some actually horrible attributes.

“You’re a murderer, you’re a war criminal, you jaywalked!”

I do heavily empathise with Abbey here. I remember being in communities where I was the known borderline bitch who had to keep herself in check, and I would frequently get frustrated by similarly mentally-unwell people having public meltdowns and not getting as much ire as I would if I acted similarly. I guess it’s because people expected better of me? I was way more self-aware and trying my best not to “act out”. Which is flattering but also very frustrating in the moment.

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Comments from Patreon

Comment ID #12078

"people expect so much of me all the time" bud literally they just expect you not to choke slam people into walls

Riveting dragon creations  

Comment ID #12079

My god, somehow you managed to make Abby even more unlikable lol. That cat needs some therapy.


Comment ID #12080

... Or more therapy..


Comment ID #12081

Better therapy? Lol


Comment ID #12082

Abbey: Crazy insane, got no brain!


Comment ID #12083

He's pressuring himself, no one else is doing it... I get he's struggling, but that's no reason to treat others the way he treats Paulo. Does he think those three things actually excuse his violence against Paulo? I'd also argue that Paulo isn't lazy just because his grades aren't as high as the others. Like Augustus said, not everyone is made for university, and there's nothing wrong with that... Wow.. I never thought the roles would reverse back when Augustus first came around.


Comment ID #12084

This really shows that most everyone else has grown in maturity. Abbey and Mike need a reality check.


Comment ID #12085

Abbys grievances sound similar Paulos, only difference is the bar is set so much lower for Paulo than it is for Abby. So when Paulo gets a pat on the back for just trying harder to be better than what people expect of him it does seem a bit unfair to vilify Abby for every couple of mistakes he makes....as much as I still see that one uncalled for attack Abby did towards Paulo over Daisy, I can better understand his real resentment towards Paulo.


Comment ID #12086

I understand Abbey’s gripe with expectations, but at the same time Paulo already is at odds with himself because people don’t expect much from him. He’s expressed how he feels like a loser already. He doesn’t need Abbey being an extra ass because he feels pressured even though realistically this is him just justifying himself for his own behaviors.

M. L. Scotland  

Comment ID #12087

"People expect so much from me and so little from you." Nah, mate. You're projecting. You expect so much from yourself because you believe you can achieve that. You expect so little from Paulo because you think so much less of him.

Sai Santoso-Miller  

Comment ID #12088

I understand where Abbey is coming from, but that doesn't make his treatment of Paulo ok, nor does it make Paul's treatment of Abbey ok. But this also doesn't change the fact that Paulo does face reproductions from his actions from the others. The amount of arguments we've seen him, Mike, Daisy, and Lucy get into? Hes actively working of bettering himself, Abbey is just of the opinion that he can never change.

Fiver26_SJH Studios  

Comment ID #12089

Personally I really want Daisy to witness this.

Justin Seifert  

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