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Author commentary

Veronica: Veronica: I’ve seen situations where a person was trying to be funny by making fun of someone else and a person next to them being all “what’s the joke?” and having the funnyman flail because the joke is built on cruelty… epic cringe moments

Abbey’s having none of that, though.

News: I hope you’re all as safe as you can be, but also that you’re supporting those out there fighting. If you can, please consider a quick and easy donation to a wide swathe of bail funds across the US, and if you want to go a little deeper, here’s a good post listing donation drives and petitions of interest. Listen to black people, amplify their voices, have difficult conversations with your family members, and don’t be mislead by the forces that want you to forget all of this happened. Black lives matter. All cops are bastards.

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Posted imageWhat you don’t know won’t hurt you, yeah
Ignorance is bliss
I’m a happy idiot!

Tumblr: voiiddraws June 1, 2020

Posted imageBeen awhile…

Tumblr: kazooiesart May 28, 2020

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