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*Daisy beams excitedly, throwing her hands in the air.*
Daisy: Today’s the last field day of the entire year!

Daisy: I’m gonna do my very best to beat all my personal records! Onwards, to a better me!
*Daisy gives a thumbs up to the viewer and winks.*

*Lucy stares blankly ahead, Yashy in her arms.*
Yashy: Whore!
Mike: Shuttup, Yashy.
*Mike glares at Yashy. David pumps a fist in the air.*
David: Comedy!

*Paulo grins with confidence.*
Paulo: Man, I’m gonna kick so much ass today!
*Sue looks weary.*
Sue: You always beat me, Paulo.. You’re merciless.

*Paulo smugly folds his arms.*
Paulo: Hey, s’not my fault I’m so athletic and you’re so--
*Daisy appears in the distance.*
Daisy: ?

*Paulo senses Daisy overhearing their conversation and freezes.*
*Sue frowns.*

*Paulo puts an arm around Sue and points to the sky.*
Paulo: Err.. I mean.. I’m sure if you try your best, you can achieve anything! Just believe in yourself!
*Sue looks irritated.*
Sue: what.
*Daisy clasps her hands together, sparkles surrounding her.*
Daisy: So kind~!

*Lucy shrugs, waving a hand in the air.*
Lucy: What’s the point of running with you anyway? You always come first.
Mike: Hey, don’t say that!

*Mike gives an encouraging smile.*
Mike: You always catch up to me! We’ve never had a race where it wasn’t close.
*Lucy is genuinely heartened.*
Lucy: I guess you’re right about that!
Mike: Of course!

Lucy: We’re just as good as each other!
Mike: Yes!
Lucy: Aww..
*Mike and Lucy smile pleasantly at each other.*

*The pair continue to placidly smile.*
Mike and Lucy:

*Mike slyly turns to Lucy.*
Mike: Except.. I always WIN the race.
*Lucy squints at Mike.*
Lucy: .. excuse me?
Mike: .. So we’re not exactly equal competitors..

*Lucy, irked, points at herself.*
Lucy: HEY, I can beat you in ANYTHING you can do!!
*Mike raises an eyebrow and crosses his arms.*
Mike: Even in a sprint?

Lucy: Remember back in fourth grade? I won! And it wasn’t even a challenge!
*Lucy, raising her fists in the air, recalls her younger self who cheers, victorious, as younger Mike looks surprised behind her.*

*Mike, smirking, interrupts Lucy’s recollection.*
Mike: The one where I WALKED the whole way? I let you win that race, Lucy.
*Lucy pauses, shocked and disgusted.*

*Mike and Lucy lean toward each other and begin squabbling.*
Lucy: Why you obnoxious little--
Mike: Obnoxious? Just because I’m faster?
Lucy: I hate you!
Mike: Well I hate you too!
Lucy: Jerkface!

*Yashy appears with a grin.*
Yashy: So you won’t be accepting his seed, Mom?
*Mike and Lucy turn to Yashy, appalled.*

*Mike and Lucy shoot lasers from their eyes, blasting Yashy to the ground.*
Mike and Lucy: AYU BEEM!!
Yashy: ACK!!

Author commentary

Veronica: If “Pep Rally” had an older sister, it’s definitely this chapter. For a while, I was wanting to dedicate a chapter to a field day.. which, for those who don’t know, is a school event where everyone is sent outdoors and they do dozens of sports-related activities. Some people race, some throw little hoop-thingies onto a cone.. or some just blow it off and polish their nails. Whichever comes naturally.

Daisy is cheerful as always, and Paulo is showing more of that “Ohoho, I am being a badass, but oh wait a wild Daisy approaches better not be that way” characteristic.. that kind of vulnerability doesn’t always happen. Paulo normally acts like himself even with Daisy around.. but there are those moments where he gets particularly self-conscious.

I used to make a lot of references to Di Gi Charat.. that’s where I got the “Ayu beeeeem” from.

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Reader comments

Comment ID #193

I LOVE the Ayu Beem part.

Huskei December 8, 2009, 8:11 PM EST.

Comment ID #8864

I’m not hearing a “no,” Lucy. xD

Jerk April 26, 2010, 9:06 AM EDT.

Comment ID #163841

This comic really can’t stay serious for more than 10 seconds, except during the Confrontation scene. You know what I mean.

Jak May 27, 2011, 11:27 PM EDT.

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