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Author commentary

Veronica: OH LUCY.

When in doubt use your fists, that’s the Lucy way of life.


oh wait i know lol

I can’t believe it’s not registering with you, Paulo.. but then again, Rachel is super cute ;__;

I like what you’ve done with your hair, Rach! She went from having pointy-ish ears to having an iconic swirl. Rachel went through more evolutions design-wise than Jessica, similar to Abbey! I wanted to make her fit better with the cast.

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Reader comments

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I… Yup, that’s pretty much what I expected from Lucy. Actually I’m more interested to see how she’s going to be after this, as Paulo was her cling-on up til now. Hmmmm…

It’s really weird to see both Lucy and Paulo going about without any of the other regulars nearby. I wonder what Mike, Daisy et al are up to?

MOOMANiBE May 14, 2010, 2:28 AM EDT.

Comment ID #21581

Poor Lucy.

The funniest thing here, though, is that Paulo is actually doing Rachel a favor in a way, though we’ll see how well it works out for her.

I wonder if this means we’ll revert to Lucy’s point of view, or if we’re going to stick with Paulo?

And of course, Lucy solves her problems with violence. And by “solve”, I mean “doesn’t solve at all and leaves lingering issues without resolution.” Good job Lucy!

Titanium Dragon May 14, 2010, 3:20 AM EDT.

Comment ID #22244

I can’t help but think that Rachel looks FREAKING ADORABLE in panel two ^_^ with the blushing face and wagging tail.

As for Lucy… well… I got nothing. Kinda expected, like you say… although the slap was unexpected! As some people have already said, usually, she punches guys that annoy her.

ravengal May 15, 2010, 8:19 PM EDT.

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