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Author commentary

Oliver: Some terribly sad news today — longtime reader of the comic and occasional comment poster / IRC user who went by the name “Insanity Streak” died last Friday. We’ve been in contact with his brother and it’s a shocking, sad thing for us to hear. He was incredibly supportive to us, and went far out of his way to see us at literally every Australian convention we attended except one. He had many little influences on the comic, helping with proofreading our book drafts, sorting comments, and just generally being a super nice guy who was always looking for ways to support this comic. There’s not much a page comment on a webcomic can do to properly memorialise a person, but we wanted to give him a shout-out here in case he’d appreciate it. RIP. We’ll miss you.

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Reader comments

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Sad to hear about the guy. Rest in peace, man.

Wow, Paulo. XD Tess one year and Rachel the next? THAT’s not gonna make people spread nasty rumors about him. Maybe he shouldn’t do it, last time he got all upset, but this time people will judge him for attending the prom twice, with different girls each time!

Zone August 27, 2014, 1:17 PM EDT.

Comment ID #285829

Very sorry to hear about Insanity…… I cannot fathom how his online and offline friends and family and piers must be feeling….. best of wishes and thoughts to them, and warm wishes to him as well. I’m sure that such a kind gesture, even if a small one, pays a wonderful honor to his memory.

On the comic: poor Rach…. :c
I really want to see how all this plays out. 3
I definitely love her and I want her to be happy—-
but at the same time, Paulo’s actions throughout the whole thing do admittedly bother me a bit— since he not only made such serious claims about Lucy and swore up and down that he loved her ad only her and was ready to and wanting to commit to her and be there for her, but also left poor Jazzie with that explanation…. yet here he’s been doing various physical and emotional things with Rachel…..

I really like Paulo and all, don’t get me wrong. ^^
I just feel like he handled it poorly and needs to figure out his REAL priorities and stick to them.
He’s also ( accidentally ) hurt at least two if not three of the girls and maybe more….

and Tess is super confusing in this chapter. ><
as are her dynamics with Paulo. DX

:c August 27, 2014, 2:03 PM EDT.

Comment ID #285870

oh man the blue-ish text makes the text look abit like a galaxy effect thing :D
tess tho

wivv August 28, 2014, 8:51 AM EDT.

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