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Witch Hunt — Page 12
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Veronica: OH DEAR.

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changing GO DAISY GO DAISY loudly
i think whats really important here is that daisy seems to take offense at how Mike is characterizing Lucy after she had been doing the same thing… then saw Lucy break down in front of her and tell her she doesn’t want daisy to be hurt like she was. daisy learned a lesson and is taking it to heart while mike is… stewing just constantly

Tumblr: snailshibe March 25, 2019


Tumblr: bramblepaws March 25, 2019

Posted imageHahahaha.
Oh how the tables have turned.

Tumblr: lacktastrophe March 25, 2019

Daisy’s outburst is valid and called-for……. all i can think about is “I NEVER ****ING WANTED IT” ringing through her head as Mike lists all the ‘evidence’ that Lucy’s obsessed with him. 

Tumblr: bramblepaws March 25, 2019

Posted imageI saw this floating around and figured I’d do one too. Explanations/more in depth under cut bc long.S- CINNAMON ROLLS
While they’re not the most interesting to think about, they’re precious characters who I adore.
A+- The Most Interesting Characters
These are the characters I find most interesting to think about in terms of their personalities, relationships, and repercussions for the rest of the series. While this more applies to Lucy, I feel Sandy still belongs here for how strong the domino effect of how things are between her and Mike effects Mike and how that spreads to the rest of the cast. The main reason Mike is not here is bc of how he’s been acting since Lucy came back. 
A- While I don’t find them as interesting as […]

Tumblr: leonidas1754 March 26, 2019

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