105. Witch Hunt, page posted 9/23/19

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Witch Hunt — Page 40

Author commentary

Oliver: Good work, Maishul!

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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the new bci is really cute…………….

Tumblr: bramblepaws September 23, 2019

Sandy, having an NDA for your work contract is one thing.
There is no NDA preventing you from talking to your boyfriend about what’s happening in your relationship.

Tumblr: ryukodragon September 23, 2019

So it isn’t that I think Sandy can hand 0 stress ever. But that I think she lacks general coping skills for new stressors. And in a job like Paulo’s, she would find a lot of those in one day. We have also seen in a previous chapter a long time ago that she bashed her locker or a wall due to stress so I would say she is likely good with particular stresses but is generally bad with it actually. People can be both good and bad at a thing depending on the circumstances after all. (2/2)-that’s completely fair! she likes being the center of things and that is NOT the case in retail. and you’re right, she definitely seems like the type to be good at handling some things & not others

Tumblr: bramblepaws September 24, 2019

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