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Witch Hunt — Page 3

Author commentary

Veronica: Augustus usurped Jordan as brotherly chaperone, why not kick him while he’s already down.

Augustus really walked into that one, he pretty much sprinted to it.

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

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Tumblr image
Another sketch from months ago. I’d originally planned to add Paulo in on the end next to Daisy but I ran out of energy and room for him. Sorry Paulo! 

Tumblr: moonybadger January 21, 2019

Tumblr image
I was digging through my sketch and found all these dumb BCB doodles from around last summer. Thought I’d throw ‘em up here! 

Tumblr: moonybadger January 21, 2019

Daisy from @bittersweetcandybowl usually dons her simple pearl necklace by itself, but occasionally she gets all dolled up and I think that’s really cute. I think of the cast, she’s the most interesting clothing-wise. She doesn’t wear it consistently, but she wears it more often than pretty much any of the not-always-clothed characters, if that makes sense. So I decided that, instead of doing my day job, I was going to make a compilation of all of Daisy’s outfits.
This probably won’t be an analysis, more of a dump with images and chapters listed. I like to draw her wearing clothing a lot and I like basing her outfits on things I think she would actually wear. I think her taste has remained pretty consistent through the years, so let’s see if that’s true! And also, sorry if I missed any, and please feel free to reply with […]

Tumblr: rcsordinaryworld January 22, 2019

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