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Witch Hunt — Page 15
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Veronica: And they’re not poisoned this time!

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Tumblr: bramblepaws April 16, 2019

oh my gosh that’d be so sweet…. i also feel like he could be like “i finally have Moneys this year, i’ll splurge a little!” to get the costume. but also honestly im sure he cobbled SOME of it together from goodwill, since he tries to be a Good Bean with his money. but david is cute either way and i could see him definitely pitching in for part of it >:3c batdog.. hehe cute

Tumblr: bramblepaws April 16, 2019

Hello!imagePaulo is likely referring to was the time he was expected to get them both back together in Take Heart. The whole point of that frame is to show that Paulo knows absolutely nothing about Abbey or what Abbey and Daisy’s relationship is really about.imageimageThis chapter has Paulo trying to repair Daisy and Abbey’s relationship after Abbey breaks it off having learned that while Daisy was willing to love him in a supportful manner, she wasn’t willing to give the kind of devotion she had reserved for Mike, […]

Tumblr: lacktastrophe April 13, 2019

all the boys have terrible halloween costumes, in every halloween chapter. tell them to get better taste

Tumblr: miaaa-cs April 10, 2019


Tumblr: lacktastrophe April 8, 2019

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