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Witch Hunt — Page 25
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Oliver: Thank you to everybody who has joined our Patreon over the past week, it’s been a roaring success! If you would like to see if anyone will stand up for Daisy in her time of need, the new page is ready for you to read on the BCB Patreon right this moment!

Also, Texan friends, we’re at A-Kon in Dallas this THURSDAY (evening), then the full FRIDAY SATURDAY and SUNDAY! We’re looking out for you all! This and Anime Expo next weekend are our only planned appearances for the year, so swing on by if you’re anywhere near!

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GOD LUCY’S FACE IN THE FIRST PANEL IS MEEEE. & her reacting by just putting some emotional and physical distance between herself and Mike is. very good. she didn’t blow up at him in response or anything. she’s! grown! SO! MUCH!!!! im so proud of her
MIKE, ON THE OTHER HAND….im going to kick his ***! screaming curses and insults at ANYONE, LET ALONE DAISY, IS JUST!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!! BUD!!!!!! YIKES!!!!!
the fact that Mike is just lashing out at everyone wildly is soooo aggravating. like i get it! it’s hard to be a kid! it’s hard to not know what you’re doing and to struggle with setting boundaries and prioritizing your own happiness!! but Mike!!!!! what will it take for you to become more self-aware?? i was hoping that maybe once Daisy had yelled at him, once he started acting more flustered than angry, he would be nudged over in a better direction. […]

Tumblr: bramblepaws June 24, 2019

Attempt 1 to make my handwriting legiblePosted image

Tumblr: kazooiesart June 25, 2019

honestly I might be in the minority here but one of my favorite things about bcb is when mike flips his ****. its so satisfying. most of the time he’s right imo(and honestly if it was worded better w/o him being a ***** I’m pretty sure everything would be handled with peaches and cream) but it’s like. reaching into the comic and wanting to tell the characters how you feel about how they’re acting.

Tumblr: bittersweetestvoid June 25, 2019

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