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Witch Hunt — Page 25

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Oliver: Thank you to everybody who has joined our Patreon over the past week, it’s been a roaring success! If you would like to see if anyone will stand up for Daisy in her time of need, the new page is ready for you to read on the BCB Patreon right this moment!

Also, Texan friends, we’re at A-Kon in Dallas this THURSDAY (evening), then the full FRIDAY SATURDAY and SUNDAY! We’re looking out for you all! This and Anime Expo next weekend are our only planned appearances for the year, so swing on by if you’re anywhere near!

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Comments from around the web

my beef with mike bcb is that most of the time he has a point with what he’s upset about but he doesn’t turn his “be a little bitch about it” filter off first

Tumblr: agentchimendez June 25, 2019

Mike NO. Jesus, he used to be the level-headed one in the group, and now he just flies off the handle at everything. I couldn’t even read the last few panels once I saw him lose it…

Tumblr: daft-inquisitor June 25, 2019

was just thinking about the latest bcb page and out of nowhere got thinking that Augustus and Paulo strike me as foils of each other in a way? or at least more similar then they think
they’re both boys who feel a Lot about daisy, but Augustus pushed himself on her and Paulo is terrified of doing anything of the sort to her.
instead of obsessing over daisy and escalating into what Augustus did, paulo spent most of middle school and early high school being obsessed with lucy and sexually harassing/assaulting her. idk how he got away with it, maybe because he doesnt ‘seem like a creep’ (as opposed to Augustus) and lucy used to have a crush on him. daisy liked Augustus at first as well, but we all know how that ended. it’s sexual harassment and assault to make unwanted sexual comments near constantly and to grope someone, it’s still really gross behavior.
now […]

Tumblr: snailshibe June 25, 2019

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