15. Unfulfilled Fantasy, chapter posted 8/6/06

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Author commentary

Veronica: Chomping-fish-Maishul delights me, he turned out so cute with his little cheeks sticking out ;.;

I remember reading a “How to make comics” book once and I read about some things that you really shouldn’t do in terms of paneling.. and whenever I look at panel twelve, I keep thinking back to that book. EACH TIME. It says that you shouldn’t make just the head of the character invade the panel.. because it’ll look like a floating head.. and I noticed that with Sandy after a while and really hate that panel now.

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Reader comments

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Comment ID #1307

What men want from women- 1. Sex 2. Food

Kan March 13, 2010, 9:45 PM EST.

Comment ID #2269

OOOHHHH she is Japanese thats why she cant pronounce his name as Michael she has to say it Maishul

duh! April 1, 2010, 1:59 AM EST.

Comment ID #2998


sandy is officially japanese

Taeshi April 9, 2010, 5:32 AM EST.

Comment ID #3054

XD that should explain the rise to modeling.
But is there a Japan in this world?

Ved of Flames April 9, 2010, 4:00 PM EST.

Comment ID #5758

@kan 1. sex, 2. food, 3.dont talk so much, 4.oral sex

bored as hell April 19, 2010, 8:04 AM EST.

Comment ID #6840

LMAO.So true. 1 more thing.5.Someone to talk to.6.Someone to own in Halo

UNIT2960 April 22, 2010, 1:00 AM EST.

Comment ID #7067

1 food

2 sex

3 money

4 a beer

5 food

6 a beer

7 sex

8 quiet

9 a beer

10 sex

11 food

… just keep followig that.

MacGyver Adrian Caboose April 22, 2010, 10:56 AM EST.

Comment ID #7860

macgyver stop getting high

bored April 24, 2010, 8:25 AM EST.

Comment ID #20284

Agreed, but he does have a point.


For the record, I’m betting he’s drunk, not high (hence the beers).

Icaras May 11, 2010, 11:47 PM EST.

Comment ID #23822

Way to take advantage of your woman! Is that good or bad? d(>.O)p…

Cuddle Bear May 19, 2010, 12:42 AM EST.

Comment ID #81067

Sandy’s beautiful…….:P

Mike’s lucky. :D

Kenny August 24, 2010, 10:47 AM EST.

Comment ID #105177

ifsandy was japanese she would be saying makkuru or maishuru. no l’s in japanese

Raine October 14, 2010, 10:33 AM EST.

Comment ID #107814

I think the food and sex thing is well summed up in the fish analogy. tehehehehe.

Scotch October 20, 2010, 3:06 AM EST.

Comment ID #109213

It’s nice to see the characters sit like cats, once in a while.

or sit like dogs. whatever.

Lyucs October 22, 2010, 11:08 AM EST.

Comment ID #114358

@scotch wow i can’t believe you said that *facepalms* (although i was thinking of the same analogy)

strider0075 October 30, 2010, 1:47 PM EST.

Comment ID #127600

Aha, nice posing. Seems more natural. I love this scruffy art style! :3

SushiJaguar November 17, 2010, 7:18 AM EST.

Comment ID #129512

I thought Michael would be pronounced in japanese as Maikeru (Ma-Ee-Ke-Ru).
That’s how I write my middle name in japanese (マイケル).

Sandy’s so cute…..
And now I need to hug something.

Soulfire November 19, 2010, 7:13 AM EST.

Comment ID #138981

Hum… That may be, Mr. Soulfire, but it could be Mai-ko-ru, judging only from sound…
There’s no ‘ke’ sound in Michael…

Also, just noticed
Mike: “you can be amazing as well!”

Talk about modesty! =D

Lycan December 26, 2010, 8:39 PM EST.

Comment ID #149898

I was under the impression she pronounced it as Maishul because she’s:

A) Not so good at English, and perhaps Literacy in general


B) Probably read the name ‘Michael’, and thought the ‘chae’ should be pronounced ‘shu’. Of course that doesn’t explain why she continued to do it after hearing it pronounced properly many times, but, eh.

Tzurkir March 1, 2011, 9:49 PM EST.

Comment ID #150632

The way to a mans heart is through his stomach.
Go for it sandy XD

bluesub6 March 7, 2011, 7:00 AM EST.

Comment ID #152603

i think me heart stopped :O:O:O

no time for dat March 20, 2011, 8:59 PM EST.

Comment ID #153189

sandy is sooo cute :D but she really should get his name right :unsure:
nevermind …
mike + fish = happiness
mike + sandy = cute
mike + lucy = amazing!!! 8-D

meow March 24, 2011, 6:21 PM EST.

Comment ID #160028

Mike + Sandy = Love 4 ever! :D

KillerCobraZ117 May 4, 2011, 8:08 PM EST.

Comment ID #163121


clay May 24, 2011, 3:17 AM EST.

Comment ID #174326

i have to say lucy = more beautiful

Dragon July 26, 2011, 4:06 PM EST.

Comment ID #186168

Oh,im so freakin` rich!

Get real Sandy.

BitterSweetCandyBowl October 19, 2011, 12:09 AM EST.

Comment ID #273594

C’mon where’s YASHY (not born yet I know) anyway I’ll do it for here *****

Random bystander January 22, 2014, 11:16 PM EST.

Comment ID #273595

Her sorry not here
Ps if that’s considered uncivil sorry guys ._.

Random bystander January 22, 2014, 11:18 PM EST.

Comment ID #284934

DAMNIT YOUNG SANDY I CAN’T HATE AS MUCH BUT STILL…………………..future sucks……………………………………………… ._.

TemplarArchon_Hunter August 7, 2014, 1:19 AM EST.

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