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Veronica’s Commentary

Final notice: the BCB Store is being updated in a few days. If you want a copy of Volume Three or Upstage (the BCB card game), wait on the update for some great deals. If you want a Lucy figurine, an individual copy of Volume One or some charm packs, it may be worth your while to make an order before we adjust the prices! Just lettin’ ya know.

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“But I was drunk” is not an excuse that holds up in court.

Shiloh February 7, 2014, 1:07 PM EST.

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She was clearly willing to go the same distance with Mike, once upon a time. Physical intimacy is NOT a clear indicator of devotion or love.

And for all the people claiming Abbey’s the mean one here… think of how you’d react if the genders were reversed, and it was a girl wondering if this relationship will work as long as her boyfriend wants another girl. You’d be up in flames over it.

People aren’t their genitals. There’s more to a person and their choices than just their gender. In Abbey’s case, it is likely a combination of suppressed rage and witnessing just what adultery can do to a relationship that is driving him to back away.

In a sense, he might be trying to protect Daisy as much as he’s trying to protect himself. Besides, look at his face through this whole conversation. He’s clearly miserable just CONSIDERING the prospect of Daisy leaving him. But he doesn’t want a sham of a relationship.

And honestly, I applaud him for meeting the issue the way he is. No shouting, no anger, just a gentle question. And frankly, one that deserves an honest answer.

The Weirdo February 7, 2014, 1:32 PM EST.

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What people seem to have trouble grasping is that everyone wants something different from a relationship. Some people (like Rachel) can handle multiple relationships, while others (like Abbey) want to find someone who’s devoted to them, or at least, only likes them (romantically speaking).

I think for a high schooler, he’s being very mature about this. His feelings are totally valid and if he doesnt’ want to share Daisy’s heart, that’s alright. Not everyone likes being second fiddle.

LAMESOR February 7, 2014, 2:40 PM EST.

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