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I kinda saw this coming. I’m not even referring to the party when I say that Abby and Daisy need to talk out their problems. There has been a lot of stuff building up for a while now and they need to get it out in the open. After all, true couples are not perfect, everyone fights once in a while. I hope that in the next panel they can express how they are feeling and still be in a relationship. It would be sad to see one of the stable-ish couples go south though.

Nenekiri January 31, 2014, 2:54 PM EST.

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She went behind his back and drank after he told her not too. Then she proceeded to make a mess of things by being inconsiderate of Abby’s feelings, on top of that she confessed her feelings towards Mike. Clinging to him during Rachel’s birthday party right in front of Abby, acting like he isn’t even there. That is something that would sting, blow to his fragile Ego, something that would make him begin to distrust her.

She got an choice here… to let all feels go for Mike (Practically Be Grown-up About It) or she escalate it even further by telling Abby off because his feeling hurt. It is her choice, Abby really does have the right to break it off with her if he feels like it, but he wouldn’t be doing himself a favor because he will slump into depression.

Daisy and Abby were close until that party, now Abby is feeling distant because she hurt him badly. What is making it worse is the fact she is acting like it didn’t even happen, didn’t even explain to Abby and told him she is truly sorry.

This is a critical moment in their relationship, she must let go of her feelings for Mike for this relationship to work.

Mark January 31, 2014, 6:12 PM EST.

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This is way after the initial party, you guys.

If Abbey is feeling distant, there has been some shit happening and thinking he’s been doing that has got him to this.

He was never for the sex anyway… I mean he could be asexual. There is such a thing as a man who doesn’t ever think about sex in a sexual way. Think about his life… He never went through the whole look-at-playboy-in-the-bathroom stage because his life has been such turmoil that he just…. Doesn’t think about it.

He has too much of his own shit to deal with.

And Daisy is caring and sweet on the surface but she has this id that is overwhelmingly selfish. If anyone knows Freud, I’d say she has a huge id, a huge superego, and very little ego. Her personality is ruled by her gimmegimme and what other people think of her. When she is herself, on the rare occasion (like when helping Abbey with dealing with his mother’s death,) but…

I don’t know. Abbey has depression, I think? I’m a psych major but I can’t interview him and know for sure ahaha. But…

There’s a lot more going on than just “Abbey is mad because of the way Daisy acted at the party.” He’s been hurt by many things in his past, and there’s at least a month or two we don’t know about. If he was mad at Daisy for the party he got over it. It has more to do with her behavior and his personal crisis.

If you can’t love yourself, kids, it not only makes it harder to love someone else…but it makes it hard on the people that love you. And when you’re in a relationship where both parties have self acceptance issues…

I feel sad now //sobbing

Silveryogurt February 1, 2014, 12:04 AM EST.

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