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Veronica: Sue has some good intentions, but still needs to work some biases of her own whoops

Today marks the start of a new style, update schedule, all sorts of stuff. I’m drawing on huge paper, using coloured inks and copic markers as well as trying a few new things with the character designs. Like On Our Own was back in the day, this chapter is a bit of a style experiment.. so I hope you enjoy as I work things out!

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Reader comments

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This new style so ADORABLUUUURRGGGHHH!!! Sorry, just puked up a rainbow there. ^^;

A David looks like he’s angry at Paulo on the last panel……DavidxSue anyone? X3 but in seriousness, maybe this would be a chapter about David bringing the group of friends together again, in an actual serious matter. Idk but that’s good guess to start with right?

Twiggy January 20, 2014, 1:22 PM EST.

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The new style is quite lovely :) I’m so glad you’re taking the opportunity to experiment.

Don’t listen to the hate, Taeshi. You are an artist and you decide what course you take. <3 This is YOUR project after all, and you have every right to convey it in whatever way you desire.

Can’t wait to see more of this style and many more styles to come in the future!

Silversoma January 20, 2014, 3:09 PM EST.

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@Taeshi & @Suitcase Three things!
One, I read the news and am suddenly overcome with the urge to give you both a teddy bear to hug. I know how it is to miss certain people, since a certain friend of mine is gone until February as well, but I could never last a few months with the professionalism you both have, and I applaud your emotional/mental fortitude in the matter.

Two (for Taeshi), your new art style seems to to have changed alot more than just a few lines. The style makes the characters pop less, but that’s because a few of them actually are supposed to blend color-wise. In other words, it’s more realistic, even if people don’t agree. Plus, I can imagine it’s tough to change styles on the fly without missing a beat.

Three, I wish both of you the best. I hope things get settled so you both can be super happy together. Mostly cause I’m a sucker for romance stories. Sidenote (for Taeshi)… Take a short vacation if you need it. You aren’t failing by taking some time off. Saving yourself from falling apart, breaking down, and such, even in the smallest ways, is always worth the effort. The closer to breaking you are, the more likely you’ll mess up accidentally and feel worse for it.

Wixvhen January 21, 2014, 11:23 PM EST.

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