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Veronica: I am amused at the readers who thought Daisy and Paulo would pretend-date. It’s a cute idea!

I just think that would cause Paulo to get his shit kicked in by Abbey, and Rachel would try to be happy for him, lamenting their friends-with-benefits situation coming to an end. It wouldn’t shatter her, though. It’s a cute theory, but it wouldn’t happen!

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Reader comments

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is it possible that Daisy likes Abbey and just wants to make him happy? it’s entirely possible to date someone and not love them. real love takes time to develop, “love at first sight” is a horrible movie cliche. if you like someone and see a possibility for a future with them, it is perfectly acceptable to date them.

doing so while harboring feelings for someone else, not so much, but these are struggles people suffer with every day. it’s very easy to sit there on your computer chair all self-righteously and condemn a fictional character for having feelings. the best written characters in works of fiction, in my humble opinion, are the ones riddled with imperfections, who struggle with their problems.

if i wanted to read about a character who was perfect in every way and solved every little problem without an ounce of effort i’d go read bad fanfiction (or stephanie meyer).

wotcher February 24, 2014, 1:22 PM EST.

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@lickit&stickit ahahahah I made that as a joke but I see what you mean!! I don’t want abbey to be daisys “oh this is my only option now might as well.” I feel that abbey really does care a lot for her, and he couldn’t stand to see her pine over another man. Maybe she can finally get over mike after so long, but I guess thats a long shot. I do want them to work out, I think they have a good dynamic and could last longer than what they did. Hopefully the breakup is a wake up call for daisy.

But I wouldn’t be angry if they didnt end up together again, I see why abbey might not want her back regardless of how he feels.

As for paulo, Rachel could help him get over lucy some. He could start feeling better and move on until shes back in the cast. But Rachel looks like the person to stay single and have a lot of friends she could mess around with. All in all, I’ll be happy however this chapter plays out cause I hope every character can see what’s best for them in the end.

Jinx February 24, 2014, 1:43 PM EST.

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so daisy is going to help paulo win rachel back… or whatever that means. giving that rachel hasnt giving any indication that she is dating someone else and this is all probably in paulo’s head. and again.. another distraction for daisy so she doesnt face her feelings for mike and put them in perspective.. hopefully by the end of the chapter. everyone will take heart of their situations and problems and learn to fix them. or learn to cope with them. all in all love the comic taeshi.

SeaRiver February 24, 2014, 2:37 PM EST.

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