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Witch Hunt — Page 26
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“And I would really like if this was Paulo because he knows he can be a ****up and make serious mistakes. But Daisy. Daisy doesn’t cross the big lines that he does or push buttons like he does. I would like this to be a realisation that the problem is Mike. Because Paulo has tried to help him out before and gotten snapped at and got his face slammed into a table. And he likely thought he deserved that. But he would never think Daisy deserves that same level of reaction. (2/2)”i already know who did it because Patreon but my guess b4 i saw next week’s page was either Paulo or Lucy…… Paulo looked ****ening ****** in the last page so he’s a good bet, and agreed, Lucy would probably want to stay out of it. it SOUNDS like her tone of voice but who knows….RIGHT? like who KNOWS what this person could say… (i know) (i can’t stop thinking about it) (holy **** next page is so good). but wOOF i hope Mike learns something from this

Tumblr: bramblepaws July 1, 2019

me when a new page of bittersweet candy bowl pops up:Posted image

Tumblr: snoozebox July 1, 2019

But seriously it only just hit me like, today, that the whole weird thing where Sandy kisses him and starts randomly crying while lamenting that he’s “so nice” is such a red flag? Like Yea we all speculated cheating, but then the “you’re just… So nice…” Comment. So whoever she is cheating with isn’t nice to her? Is doing something bad to her? Sounds a whole lot less like intentional cheating and a whole lot like sexual grooming and blackmail. :( Like Yea we’re all seeing Mike and his despair but I’m really worried about sandy now.

Tumblr: raemelodyheart July 1, 2019

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