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Witch Hunt — Page 3
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Author commentary

Veronica: Augustus usurped Jordan as brotherly chaperone, why not kick him while he’s already down.

Augustus really walked into that one, he pretty much sprinted to it.

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The thought had crossed my mind over the weekend but I felt I needed someone else to confirm before even thinking to writing about it; I feel like you might be right, since it would explain a lot of his behaviour and explain exactly why Paulo and everyone around him seem to be quite patient with him.

Tumblr: lacktastrophe January 21, 2019

Tumblr image
Another sketch from months ago. I’d originally planned to add Paulo in on the end next to Daisy but I ran out of energy and room for him. Sorry Paulo! 

Tumblr: moonybadger January 21, 2019

Tumblr image
I was digging through my sketch and found all these dumb BCB doodles from around last summer. Thought I’d throw ‘em up here! 

Tumblr: moonybadger January 21, 2019

thank u!!uhhh…. TBH i don’t see them having any chemistry at all? only one i can even moderately see having a chance with David is Paulo, everyone else either dislikes him or sees him as strictly platonic only

Tumblr: bramblepaws January 22, 2019

GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! SAME

Tumblr: bramblepaws January 22, 2019

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