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Author commentary

Veronica: Oh right, people are meant to be trick-or-treating. That’s a thing

Daisy has her priorities in order.

By the way: as we approach the end of the chapter, it’s sadly time to announce: the one-day-a-week schedule is sticking around a while longer. Please read the news post on the homepage for why!

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There’s been far too much damage in order to salvage a romance and I can’t help but think despite how mature Paulo seems, neither of them might be able to display enough to move past it knowing that it had happened and focus on the future.
At the very least though, maybe they could just at least see each other and act more as friends this time around.

Tumblr: lacktastrophe October 14, 2019

Tumblr image
Throughout Volume 1 as well where Paulo was always in support of Lucy but not specifically because of her person. 
I feel as much of the journey they’ve both taken growing up will lead them both back to the same point again it doesn’t mean they’ll cross paths again, and it probaby can’t be the same like it was again either.
I’ve definitely become less of a fan of that kind of storyline too.

Tumblr: lacktastrophe October 14, 2019

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