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Time Out — Page 22

Author commentary

Veronica: This has just rocked Abbey’s world.

“Moms can be… bad????”

News: It’s finally time to unveil a project that has taken hundreds of hours from Veronica and I. Our total creative energies. A massive labour that has gone on behind the scenes, filling the gaps between the comic updates. All leading to this very day… so that we can debut it perfect and complete.

Here it is: a video of our Animal Crossing island: it’s “Gem in 98 seconds”. Dream address in the description. You’re welcome!

A preview of the upcoming BCB page.

Comments from Patreon

Comment ID #12228

Recycle! Also destroy capitalism

Jim Avery October 5, 2020

Comment ID #12229

First, that secretary must REALLY be feeling the awkward by now.

Second, I guess Abbey really wouldn't understand having a neglectful parent.

His father was a piece of shit, but he actually stuck around for a while and wasn't as bad to the kids.

Abbey should definitely be able to sympathize though, because they're situations are not entirely different.

His father did try to leave, and made it a point to show he didn't care.

Even if it was disguised as a person who cared until he was triggered.

Making these two sit here together for so long has actually been better for them.

Hopefully it ends well and their eyes stay opened.

Also, I do hope that Abbey doesn't get in trouble because he hasn't actually done anything.

But I hope Paulo doesn't get in trouble either.

We have seen how Paulo has grown, but we never see the behind the scenes antics that Abbey keeps saying Paulo does.

Hopefully the teachers have noticed a change as well.

TinaRiva October 5, 2020

Comment ID #12230

No running in the halls, or your corpse will be mopped!

Comment ID #12231

Destroy capitalism, lol!

Luis Alonso Herrero Scotto October 5, 2020

Comment ID #12232

The signs on the wall lol

M. L. Scotland October 5, 2020

Comment ID #12233

Whats this? Something relatable to actually start a conversation and form a bond? Are we seeing an actual friendship start to form?

Fiver26_SJH Studios October 5, 2020

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