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Veronica: HEY EVERYONE!!!

IT’S TIME FOR A BRAND-SPANKING NEW CHAPTER that will run for pretty much the majority of this year BUT IT’S A REALLY GOOD AND FUN CHAPTER AND YOU WILL BE AT THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT!!!!! I’ve been very excited to get to it! It’s quite the chapter! Let’s enjoy a wholesome wonderful Halloween :)

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it would make things….. More Intense, i think! and it would explain a lot more (for me at least)it would explain a lot of things I didn’t get about Paulo feeling so… entitled isn’t quite the right word. but expectant? like, before Lucy came back, he was acting like it was a sure thing that they would be Together if/when she came back. and before this new knowledge, i had thought he’d been setting his expectations way too high for no reason. but with this, i can completely understand why he would be thinking that way. especially since Paulo would’ve been the first person she slept with… it would make sense that he would expect that it was a Big Serious Thing because she wasn’t the type to sleep around. it would also make his VERY strong reactions when she came back much more reasonable – again, there’s that expectation that seems Fair if these are the […]

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Man, that was an upset of an evening. 
I felt my last post was a bit too vague, so if anyone was still wondering about where the truth was, Taeshi had confirmed in the IRC that this was the frame that was to have a hard implication that there was more going on in that room back during Sue’s play.Posted imageI had to go back and look myself at some of the more recent pages given that and, I don’t feel too much changes in the grand scheme of things? But oh god we’re going to have to revisit the Paulo x Lucy dynamic in the future since that’s all shifted some great deal, especially when you look at Lucy again over the last few chapters and Paulo in the later ones. I mean, I had this theory on Lucy that she was deliberately pulling the pin […]

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