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Veronica: A new BCI comic, “Ice Breaker”, was posted today! Club members can find it in the Members’ Library, and non-club members might want to read the latest news post for a sample! It’s about Paulo learning how to treat women right. Become a BCI member to read over 500 pages of exclusive comics like it!

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im frankly hoping that this goes in the same direction as the Jasmine/Paulo breakup…. of “i don’t think i’m available enough, we should break up.” 
it’s not going to end amicably but i want it to be something that shows Growth. from one or the other of them, im not picky,

Tumblr: bramblepaws September 23, 2019

Sandy, having an NDA for your work contract is one thing.
There is no NDA preventing you from talking to your boyfriend about what’s happening in your relationship.

Tumblr: ryukodragon September 23, 2019

The whole combo of Sandy being a young girl picked up for her beauty and talent, then gradually changing and isolating herself from old associations, and on top of it all seeming to have some kind of major shame over it is really fucking disturbing, I gotta say. Does Mike need to be pressing a little more about what is up with all that? Maybe the right thing to do would be stop being “nice” and a doormat and come out with the, “you’ve changed in a very concerning way” and try to get answers. This seems like it’s going from “Sandy is a cheating ho or something” to “Sandy is in a bad situation that can only be aided by eliminating the secrecy and getting outside help” at lightning speed.

Tumblr: raemelodyheart September 23, 2019

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