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Witch Hunt — Page 6
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Veronica: Sue haven’t you done this before

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I’d feel both – Paulo does say that about Lucy back in Volume 1. I tend to think it started out being lustful until certain instances in Volume 2 and 3, and finally by Volume 4 when Paulo comes to the decision he has fallen in love with her. There are an awful lot of moments in volume 1 where it seems like it’s lust. Paulo’s just in it for making out.imageTowards the very end of Volume 1 though, when David asks whether or not Paulo really likes Lucy, Paulo wants to admits he does, but because of Lucy’s personality and indifference towards his romantic advances, he can’t bring himself to think he’s not the person she really wants, and he understands that person is Mike. The best Paulo can ever hope is to admire her from afar.Posted image[…]

Tumblr: lacktastrophe February 10, 2019

Posted imageKind of a birthday present for my friend Maggie. We haven’t talked in a long time but on the off chance you still check my blog sometimes, hey~ happy birthday Mags. I love you.
It’s Lucy from Bittersweet Candy Bowl!!! Started reading it specifically to draw these. Does it show i literally havent drawn in over a year?
BSCB is actually really funny and cute and the characters are really fun to draw. You should check it out

Tumblr: angmar-iceblood February 10, 2019

Tumblr image
Bittersweet Candy Bowl is streaming this weekend if you didn’t already know! Feel free to join in and talk with the other fans! Plenty more raffles and lottery’s to be won!

Tumblr: lacktastrophe February 9, 2019

Posted imageall i can think of when i look at these panels is “hhhhgirlfriends….”

Tumblr: tracfone February 4, 2019

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