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Veronica: Kinda sad when you think you’ve got a much deeper friendship with a person than they think. Not really anyone’s fault in this situation, but it does seem like a dick move for James to have just.. not noticed Paulo all this time. How did you not? He’s so ORANGE

Maybe James just thinks Paulo looks like a generic somali… James genuinely didn’t pay attention! Too busy fawning over Mike’s running abilities!

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Hmmm, yes

Haruhi Hatake  

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Lee Blackett  

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Ooooh please after all that's been going on please move the ship forward just a bit

Red Miso  

Comment ID #21158

awww, i’m glad she tells him to make him feel better ;-;


Comment ID #21159

Go Daisy go!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle M.  

Comment ID #21160

Awww Paulo is feeling left out 😭


Comment ID #21161

I've got a feeling he won't be for long...

Ashura Atsu  

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Paulo being jealous that James might be a lil interested in mike. ALWAYS MIKE


Comment ID #21164

:'( that's rough bud, also is Daisy gonna ask Paulo out??? A lot in this page.

Maybelle Conrad  

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Paulo: Does this mean I can flirt with him and you won't be jealous? Hot diggity

Daisy: That wasn't what I mea-

Paulo: Mike!!! I love you!


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Ya know, I actually feel for Paulo when he's letting his heart out in a way that's not denigrating towards other people. I feel bad when he says "I gave myself to you!!" or now, when Mike's elevated status leaves him in the dust with regards to his own friendly coworker, James. I'm an Abbey stan but I can recognize when someone's unequivocally done Paulo wrong. That's when I'm able to forget about my own biases from growing up being harassed by boys like him.

Maybelle Conrad  

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Also I don't mean "that's rough bud" in a dismissive way, I just got distracted by the final panel partway thru my comment lol

Maybelle Conrad  

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I love them being such close friends. Paulo is vulnerable with Daisy, has been since the earliest chapters, and she accepts him.


Comment ID #21170

Aw, just like how Daisy felt about Sandy :(

Emma Breslauer  

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Reminder that just working together doesn't automatically make you friends. We've never seen Paulo hang out with James outside of work, either. He could have told him he transferred, sure, but he may have had other stuff going on like, oh, suddenly having to work hard on the track team plus his job? Yeah it hurts, but you might not be his top priority, Paulo. No real hurry to seek you out since he sees you at work, and it is more fun to have this kind of surprise moment.

Ashura Atsu  

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Paulo's insecurities aside, go Daisy, GO!!! I hope this is going where I think it's going!

Ashura Atsu  

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paulo's expression in the last panel is accurate.


Comment ID #21174

Paulo's tail when startled is usually shown with zagged lines, but here it looks.. curly? Floofy? Reminds me of Daisy tbh, which is also funny considering she's mirroring his crossed legs here. I don't care about PauloxDaisy romance vs platonic friendship but I want them to be in each others lives forever, until old, on rocking chairs on the porch, watching the clouds and chatting about old times and their feelings.


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ALSO... "Everyday Life", now in the freebie BCI section on the webpage, hints that Paulo may have a teensy crush on James. It's a cute chapter on many fronts.


Comment ID #21176

Paulo: Soooo… does that mean you wanna be with me?

Daisy: No, I wanna to be with James.

Paulo: ARGHHHH!!!!

Daisy: (smiles)


Comment ID #21177

I've felt this dialogue in the back of my mind but trying hard to ignore it.

Ashura Atsu  

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